Our Mission Statement

To promote high social values and a respect for the environment. We at Cariboo Envirotech Ltd. are committed to making a difference through the responsible management and the application of sustainable economic development.

Our Vision

To help our clients achieve their goals in a professional manner through the implementation of sound environmental practices.

Who We Are

Cariboo Envirotech Ltd. is an integrated natural resource consulting firm located in Likely, British Columbia. We are a group of knowledgeable and experienced professionals and technicians with a wide range of expertise in all facets of environmental consulting. Our senior staff and associates have over 100 years of combined experience conducting watershed restoration, salmonid enhancement, fish distribution and life history, fish behaviour, riparian/stream habitat surveys and silviculture prescription projects. Our team's core group has had extensive experience designing and implementing a wide variety of programs in the integrated natural resource sector.


What We Can Do

Our expertise includes many sampling procedures, such as electrofishing, incline plane traps, fyke nets, fish fences, minnow trapping, boat and beach seining, and gill netting.

We can provide GPS surveying, stream restoration, and site preparation. We have experience in aerial photograph interpretation, GIS methodology, water quality analysis, report writing, and related computer software.

We are also experienced in fish hatchery and sockeye spawning channel management and operation. Our project background includes: providing environmental assessments, watershed restoration, perspectives on terminal fishery projects, project management and sustainable natural resource utilization.

Cariboo Envirotech Ltd. is composed of dedicated team players. They have successfully blended their special skills to perform at an exceptional level and are committed to high standards, cost efficiency and professionalism.

Our aim is to provide accurate, objective, defensible data in a timely fashion and to meet the environmental needs of our clients in a way that engenders respect on all levels.

Richard David Holmes, M. Sc., R.P. Bio

President and Senior Project Scientist

Richard has been involved in fisheries and environmental work for 25 years and leads a team of integrated resource specialists dedicated to providing clients with the best possible solutions to their environmental problems. He has a broad background in British Columbia freshwater fishery issues and his interests include research and the sustainability of natural resources including the communities that depend on them.